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Reflection Room

For Immediate Release
September 6, 2011
Contact: Sari Judge, LISAR, 332-3941,;
Marc Kennedy, Wisconsin Union, 608 262-5079;

Announcing a New Reflection Room At Memorial Union
Open Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm

Memorial Union will host a new Reflection Room, which will be open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, beginning September 6. The Reflection Room is dedicated for use by UW-Madison students, faculty, staff and Union members wishing to perform either structured or unstructured meditation or reflection, whether singly or collectively.
The Lubar Institute for the Study of the Abrahamic Religions (LISAR) has supported this project, which is part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s yearlong participation in the White House Campus Interfaith and Community Service Challenge.

The new room is located in the west wing of Memorial Union on the third floor in the former Studio B; it’s accessible via a second-floor staircase. To prepare the room for its new purpose, the Union has just re-painted and re-carpeted it, and cleared an open area in the center. The room also contains a couch and numerous chairs.
The Union is proud to provide a site in which members of the University community can step out of their busy schedules for a moment or two of contemplation. We invite people to use the space immediately.

Rules Governing Reflection Room Use
1. During operating hours, the Room is dedicated for individuals and groups wishing to engage in structured or unstructured reflection.
2. The Reflection Room is not intended as a study space. Please use other areas of the Union, not to mention the various campus libraries, for this purpose.
3. Please keep the room as quiet as possible.
4. No electronic devices—including but not limited to computers, cell phones, tablets, etc.—are permitted. Please turn off all such devices before entering.
5. No food or beverages are allowed.
6. The room may be used first-come, first-served. Different individuals and groups may occupy the room at the same time. Without imposing any time limits, the Union asks that individuals using the room be sensitive to the concerns and needs of others who may also wish to use the room. The primary criterion for using the room is mutual respect and consideration.
7. Please direct questions, comments, and concerns to: