The Lubar Institute for the Study of the Abrahamic Religions closed in June 2016. This web site will not be updated, and remains online as part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s public archive.
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Undergraduate Forum

The Undergraduate Forum brings together students interested in learning about the Abrahamic religions from the personal perspectives of individuals from their own and other traditions.


Schedule of Events, 2006-2007

October 15, 2006: "Introducing the Abrahamic Religions to Each Other"

November 12, 2006: "The Religious Year and Its Observances"

December 10, 2006: "Representations of the Abrahamic Religions in
    Popular Culture"

February 11, 2007: "Moses, Jesus, Muhammad"

March 11, 2007: Discussion with Mark Swanson
   Harold Vogelaar Professor of Christian-Muslim Studies and Interfaith
   Relations, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

 April 15, 2007: "What It Means to be Religious in America"



Members of the Undergraduate Forum, 2006-2007

Katrina Brown
Christa Dankert
Kirsten Erickson
Faisal Kassam
John Koczela
Anastasia Kriese
Monica Meyer
Jesse Morton
Katheryn Resop
Eric Salitsky
Emily Singer
Abraham Sorock
Abigail Steiner
Saif Syed
Farha Tahir
James Van Hoven
Emily Watson