The Lubar Institute for the Study of the Abrahamic Religions closed in June 2016. This web site will not be updated, and remains online as part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s public archive.
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External Steering Committee


The Lubar Institute’s External Steering Committee was active from 2005 to 2013. Consisting of clergy and laity, its mission was to:

  1. Advise Lubar Institute staff and faculty on any matter brought to them, particularly as regards the Institute’s community-based projects.
  2. Sustain and attend Institute programs.
  3. Increase interfaith participation and visibility within and across communities in Madison.

Grateful thanks to all those who served on the External Steering Committee:
Masood Akhtar
Salman Aziz
Pastor Katherine Baardseth
Rabbi Marc Bercson
Reverend Shelly Bobb
Steve Brown
Reem Hilal
Rev. Father Frederick Janecek
Mary Klink
Sherwood Malamud
Cantor Deborah Martin
Dr. Elsayed Mogahed
Mustafa Mustafa
Rohany Nayan
Mohammad Rashid
Zulfiqar Ali Shah
Rabbi Andrea Steinberger
Nasra Wehelie
Alan Weisbard