The Lubar Institute for the Study of the Abrahamic Religions closed in June 2016. This web site will not be updated, and remains online as part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s public archive.
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2011 LISAR Undergraduate Journal

A Publication of the Lubar Institute Fellows and the Undergraduate Forum


Staff Supervisor: Ulrich Rosenhagen

Table of Contents

Prefatory Remarks:
2 Letter from the Director: Professor Charles Cohen
3 About LISAR

Reactions and Reflections 2010-2011:
4-5 Jerusalem's Sacred Esplanade—Renu Paul
6 The Truths We Tell: Anthony Shadid— Umer Dar
7 A Journey of Faith through Interfaith Friendships— Eric Ogi
8-9 Thering Fellow Arnold Eisen— Laura Partain
9 The Coexistence Seder—Eric Ogi
10-11 Hope Lutheran Church in Milton— Justin Perelman
12-13 Dr. Aisha Al-Mannai visits UW-Madison—Eric Ogi
13 The Coexistence Seder— Levi Prombaum
14-16 This is Your Brain on Religion—Justin Perelman, Eric Ogi and Renu Paul
17 The Coexistence Seder—Huda Bashir
18-19 The Coexistence Dinner—Tamar Shertok
19 2010-11 Student Fellows


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