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Annual Conference, 2011-2012

"Tradition and Its Discontents: Ruptures in the Abrahamic Religions"
July 26-28, 2011
Oxford University, Oxford, England

Oxford Front Quad

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, site of the conference

The sixth annual LISAR conference, "Tradition and its Discontents: Ruptures in the Abrahamic Religions" will be held in cooperation with the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford in Oxford, England.

Each paper will be allotted 30 minutes, plus 15 minutes for discussion.

July 26

5 pm
Dame Averil Cameron (Oxford), A region in ferment: A historian looks at the eastern Mediterranean in the seventh century A.D.
Chair: Guy Stroumsa (Oxford)

6.30 pm Drinks and Dinner
After Dinner Talk: Edward Kessler (Woolf Institute, Cambridge), Muslims and Jews in the West Today: Minority Transformations

July 27

9-10.30 am
Hassan Hanafi (Cairo), Discontent or Reading?
Ishay Rosen-Zvi (Tel Aviv), Inventing the Other: the birth of the "goy" in Rabbinic Literature
Chair: Farhan Nizami (Oxford)

11-12.30 pm
Aziz al-Azmeh (Central European University, Budapest), Muslim traditions and Genealogical Purity
Mark Silk (Trinity College, Hartford), Grappling with religious ‘others’ in the 12th century Renaissance
Chair: Miri Freud-Kandel (Oxford)

2-3.30 pm
Yousef Meri (Woolf Institute, Cambridge), Rethinking ‘popular religion’ in medieval Islam and Judaism
Raquel Ukeles (National Library of Israel), Between Tradition and Innovation: Bida'a in Medieval Islamic Law
Chair: David Ariel (Oxford)

4-6.15 pm
Mohamed Hawary (Cairo), The Status of Women in Scripture and Tradition: A Comparative Study of Judaism and Islam
Charles Cohen (Madison, Wisconsin), The Saints betwixt tradition and modernity
George Pattison (Oxford), Kierkegaard and Absolute Dependence
Chair: Susan Gillingham (Oxford)

7 pm Drinks and Dinner
After Dinner Talk: Raquel Ukeles and Sarah Stroumsa (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Presentation of the Intellectual Encounters Project

July 28

9-10.30 am
Walid Saleh (Toronto), The Status of Scriptures in the Abrahamic Religions: some preliminary remarks
Sarah Stroumsa, Jewish Scripturalism and Islamic Literalism: Toward a Comparative Phenomenology
Chair: Afifi al-Akiti (Oxford)

11-12.30 pm
Ulrich Rosenhagen (Madison, Wisconsin), Religion in public discourse during the American Revolution
Asma Hilali (Institute of Ismaili Studies, London), ‘Forged’ Traditions in Medieval Sunni Islam
Chair: Diarmaid MacCulloch (Oxford)

2-3.30 pm
Mahmoud Azab (Cairo), Le droit à la différence et le devoir du dialogue dans le texte coranique
Abdou Filali-Ansary (Institute of Ismaili Studies, London), The ‘Fall and Rise’ of Traditional Learning in Traditional Muslim Contexts
Chair: Adam Silverstein (Oxford)

4-5.30 pm
Mohamed Sghir Janjar (King Abdulaziz Library, Casablanca), New configurations of Islam in light of the modern rupture
Mohammed Haddad (Tunis), Inter-Religious Dialogue after the Arab Revolutions
Chair: Frances Lannon (Oxford)


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