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Out of Cordoba Film Viewing

In September of 2012 LISAR and the Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition invited the public to attend a film screening of "Out of Cordoba" with director Jacob Bender.

Cordoba flyer
Sunday, September 9, 2012
2 p.m.
Lubar Auditorium
Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Free and Open to the Public


Out of Cordoba is a feature documentary about Jews, Muslims, and Christians struggling for coexistence and against the hijacking of their respective religions by extremists. The film profiles several contemporary people of faith, who, inspired by two “wise men” from the city of Cordoba in medieval Spain — Averroes the Muslim, and Rabbi Moses Maimonides the Jew — are challenging the propositions that there is an inevitable “clash of civilizations” between the West and the Muslim world, an incompatibility between Islam and democracy, and an unsolvable conflict between Muslims and Jews. The story of these courageous people in Out of Cordoba offer hope that religion need not be only a justification of hatred, but can also be a source of tolerance, justice, and peace. Click here to read more about the film.

Jacob Bender will answer questions after the film's showing. LISAR director Charles Cohen will moderate.

This event has been organized by the Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition. LISAR is a primary sponsor.

Cordoba flyer

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